“William Knoedelseder's entertainingly gossipy

Bitter Brew may read like a scandal sheet, but what intoxicating reading it proves to be.”


The Wall Street Journal



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The birth and rise to greatness of the American auto industry told through the remarkable life of an eccentric, six-foot-five, stuttering visionary who dropped out of college and went on to invent the profession of automobile styling, revolutionizing the way cars were made, marketed and even imagined.

Bitter Brew Book Cover

The engrossing, often-scandalous saga of one of the wealthiest, longest lasting and most colorful family dynasties in the history of American commerce.  A cautionary tale of prosperity, profligacy, hubris, and the dark consequences of success. It weaves a broader story of American progress and decline over the past 150 years. 

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Bill Knoedelseder is a veteran journalist who honed his investigative and narrative skills at the Los Angeles Times, where his groundbreaking reporting on the entertainment industry produced a string of juicy exposes and two critically acclaimed books. 



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