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Fins Book Cover-Reviews


Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit 

by William Knoedelseder

As William Knoedelseder recounts in his excellent new book, Earl brought art, color, and panache to what had been the almost strictly mechanically-based mass-production automobile manufacturing business. (Henry Ford revolutionized production, but a Model T was the opposite of "styling.")


It's the story of a man who charted his own course and overcame doubters and naysayers to help General Motors win in of the longest-running battles for market share in our country's history.

Fins is a fascinating story, well told. Can't beat that.

Inc. Magazine

"Mr. Knoedelseder is a car guy’s car guy who has written a fine tribute to “Mistearl,” an artist so self-assured that he once signed off on a GM press release that described him as “a man of towering genius.” And was he ever! He knew that every car design must have a prominent feature to thrill its owner. “Fins” should prove a valuable history to have on hand as we enter the age of the autonomous vehicle, a car whose most prominent feature will be that the driver himself is gone."

Wall Street Journal

“Fins” is a lively study, as big and broad as one of GM’s Buick Roadmasters but as sleek and speedy as one of its Chevrolet Corvettes. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in America’s auto obsession.

The Los Angeles Times


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